I START this because I have so many things I am learning and things I’ve already learned, so I would like to use this platform as a source for all these stories.

I am writing it to myself, so I can look back and remind myself of this beautiful life, but its also open to you. Although I’m a pretty bad writer, I will try to post when I am inspired by something as well as to tell stories about previous events that made me a person I am.

For the start I wanted to write about myself and explain how I got to this point in time.

I am now 22, originally from Lithuania. I have just graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Although its one of the shittiest places to live and study, I have managed to love my studies and learn about the culture and creative businesses. I used to volunteer and work in contemporary dance and music festivals before I started studying Arts and Festival Management, hence the degree choice. It slowly turned into a paradox since more I’ve studied it the less I became interested in it. I was inspired by 3D printing, people doing wood-work and architecture while I was writing 10 thousand word essays on why people pirate music. And I guess it sticked with me, all these creative people working around me, and being in such an open-minded culture allowed me to dream creatively of things I can do in the future. I left uni thinking about owning my own business inspired and empowered by strong women. So I rested during the summer, scratched few things off my bucket list, grew up a little more and in few weeks I am moving home once more. To the place I love dearly.

This is just to say hi, and next time I tell you more of those silly stories.


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